Feature Codes Listing

Feature CodeFeature DescriptionFeature KB (help)
*30Blacklist - Add a number to your blacklistBlacklist
*31Blacklist - Remove a number from your blacklistBlacklist
*52 + [number]Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable ActivateCall Forward
*53Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable DeactivateCall Forward
*72 + [number]Call Forward Always ActivateCall Forward
*73Call Forward Always DeactivateCall Forward
*90 + [number]Call Forward Busy ActivateCall Forward
*91Call Forward Busy DeactivateCall Forward
*70Call Waiting - ActivateCall Waiting
*71Call Waiting - DeactivateCall Waiting
*67 + [number]
CallerID Block (per call)CallerID Block
*78DND ActivateDo Not Disturb
*79DND DeactivateDo Not Disturb
*21Follow Me ToggleFollow Me
Canada - Provincial Services and Info (non-emergency)
N11 Services
311Canada - City Services and Info (non-emergency)N11 Services
411Directory Assistance ($1.25 per call)N11 Services
511Canada - Road and Traveler InformationN11 Services
611VBuzzer Customer CareN11 Services
811Canada - Provincial Health Services (non-urgent)N11 Services
911Emergency Services (Ambulance, Fire, Police)
(be sure your E911 address is accurate)
- N11 Services
- E911 Information
- 911 Dos and Don'ts
Canada / USA - Mental Health Crisis Hotline
*** Starting fall 2022
*0 + [location#]Speed Dial - Call a speed dial locationSpeed Dial
*75Speed Dial - Set / change a speed dial (locations: 1, 2, 3, etc)Speed Dial
*97My Voicemail (from your line)Voicemail
*98Dial Voicemail (from any Vbuzzer line)Voicemail