911 - Dos and Don'ts

Your VBuzzer phone service come with the ability to call 911.
911 is provided at no charge with Canada and USA [outbound] phone services.

  1. Don’t call 911 except in case of real emergencies.
    Only call 911 for serious medical problems, life-threatening situations, fires, and crimes in progress. For all other situations, such as crimes where the suspect is already gone, or accidents that only involve property damage, call the police at their regular 10 digit phone number.

  2. Do stay on the line if your call is answered by a recording.
    It can happen if all lines are busy, your call may hear a recording.  
    Don't hang up!  Stay on the line for the next 911 agent.

  3. Don’t hang up if you dial 911 by mistake.
    Don't test dial 911.
    If you dial 911 in error, remain on the line and don't hang up.  If you hang up, 911 services (ie: police) will be automatically dispatched to your location.  911 is a real service for real emergencies, don't make calls to test 911.

  4. Do remain calm, patient and follow any instructions give by the 911 agent.
    Emergencies can be stressful.  Remain calm and patient with the 911 agent.  Answer questions in clear detail.

  5. Don't hang up until the 911 agent tells you to.
    It may turn out that you’ll need to open a door for the police, or flag down a fire truck, if they can’t find you easily. Stay on the line until the 911 agent lets you know it’s alright to hang up

While Enhanced 9-1-1 is the most advanced form of Emergency Dialing Service available, there are some limitations when it is provided by a VoIP provider such as VBuzzer™. Therefore, you should always have an alternative means of accessing emergency services: