When is my account due?

As a reminder... all accounts are prepaid, due and payable on (or before) your billing date.
Simply click the link in any of the invoice notices you received in order to make a payment (or re-activate) on your account.

What happens...
  • Billing date: invoice emailed and due on receipt (if you already have a credit card on file, your payment is automatically processed, and a payment receipt is emailed to you).
    If payment cannot be processed, a due notice is emailed.
  • 1 day after billing date: overdue notice is emailed (failed payment is retried).
  • 2 days after billing date: pending suspend notice is emailed (failed payment is retried).
  • 5 days after billing date: inbound and outbound calls are suspended (failed payment is retried / pending cancellation notice is emailed).
  • 20 days after billing date: account is closed and phone number released.