My IP was blocked... why?

For everyone's protection and to ensure network performance, we continually monitor for and automatically protect against possible attacks.
Our network will not block IPs for connecting from more than one location or from more than one device (this will cause other issues, like not being able to receive incoming calls).   If you wish to connect from more than one device at a time, a Clone Device is required (more details on Clone Devices, and to order, can be found in the User Portal).
Our network will only automatically block IP addresses when it detects possible intrusion or attacks. Such conditions that would trigger an IP to be blocked are:
  • Too many failed registration attempts (due to incorrect username and/or password).
  • Too frequent registration (or re-register) requests
    Within the registrations responses, a minimum re-register time exists.  Devices and apps must abide by this, as it protects the network from being hammered by hackers.  If using a softphone, use known and reputable applications (as they will tend to abide by the SIP RFC policies that are in place).
  • Too many invalid numbers dialed (called).
    When too many invalid numbers or invalid * codes are dialed, the network will block the offending IP address

  • Too many connection attempts to invalid ports
    Although your local SIP port can be anything you wish (the default local port is 5060).  We recommend a random local port (if random ports is not an option, use a high port number between ie: 30000 - 60000),  The SIP server port must always be 5060.