Retrieving your voicemail messages is as simple as dialing *97 from your VBuzzer phone line or by pressing * after calling your VBuzzer phone number.

The voicemail system will guide you through logging in and listening to new or saved messages. A typical session would look like the following:
  • Dial: *97 (from your VBuzzer line)
  • Or dial: *98 (from another VBuzzer line), followed by your 10 digit phone number
  • Or dial: YOUR_PHONE_NUMBER ( then once the voicemail message comes on, dial * )
"Please enter your password" (followed by the pound sign)


"You have one new message."

When a user has a new message, the system will automatically play it along with the date and time that the message was left.
  • Accounts can store up to 21 voicemail messages.  Once your voicemail box is full, no more messages can be stored. 
  • Voicemail messages are stored for up to 30 days, then automatically deleted.
The default voicemail menus are configured as follows:

Main Menu
1.   Voicemail messages
4.   Play previous message
5.   Repeat current message
6.   Play next message
7.   Delete current message
8.   Forward message to another VoIP Much customer
9.   Save message in a folder
0.   Save in New messages folder
1.   Save in Old messages folder
2.   Save in Work messages folder
3.   Save in Family messages folder
4.   Save in Friends messages folder
*.   Help; during message playback: Rewind (3 seconds)
#.   Exit; during message playback: Fast forward (3 seconds)
2.   Change Folders
0.   Switch to New messages folder
1.   Switch to Old messages folder
2.   Switch to Work messages folder
3.   Switch to Family messages folder
4.   Switch to Friends messages folder
0.   Mailbox Options
1.   Record your unavailable message
2.   Record your busy message
3.   Record your name
4.   Manage your temporary greeting
5.   Change your password
*   Return to the main menu
*.   Help
#.   Exit (hang-up)

During Message Playback
*.   to rewind (3 seconds)
#.   to fast forward (3 seconds)
Note: The # and * keys only work when the message is in the process of being played back.

After recording a message (incoming message, busy/unavailable greeting or name)
1.  Accept
2.  Review
3.  Re-record
#.   Exit